MUSIK / Von Miller - Los York

UFC on FX - Logan

Cartoon Network - In 2007 I rebranded the network. Here are some early logo concepts.

Nike Hyperdunk (Composite and fx. 3D not done by me) - Buck

Al Jazeera Mubasher Rebrand - Pitch

Bellator Pitch - Stardust

Verizon NFL Experience (Concept Frames) - Los York

Various Artwork

Guinness - Shilo (With Illustrator Zach Johnsen)

Toyota Venza - Shilo

Dragon Age - Shilo

NCAA - Shilo

Xfinity MLB - Buck

White Castle - BNS

SYFY Spotlight - BNS


Icebreakers - Logan

UHC - Logan

Midnight Moon - Public Record (Dir. Cassidy Gearhardt)

Logos / Branding

Scion - Shilo

Scion - Shilo

Lucozade - Shilo (CG Artist Chris Fung)

Pontiac - Shilo (CG Artist Chris Fung)

Cartoon Network - Sunday Movie

Cartoon Network - Sunday Movie

University of Tennessee - Pitch

Vonage - Shilo

Longhorn - Shilo

Intel - Shilo